Armenian Cannibalism

The Armenians love to cite the findings of the Ottoman kangaroo courts under Allied control as proof of their beloved `genocide`. If the findings of these courts are valid, then perhaps we should also look at the findings that are not very complimentary toward the Armenians.

According to the Verdict ("Kararname") of the Turkish Military Tribunal on July 5, 1919 (that is, the verdict of the court martial conducted by the Ottoman Turkish government against the perpetrators of the so-called Armenian `Genocide`), first published in the Official Gazette (Takvim-i-Vekayi), No. 3604:

Armenian fedayis ate hundreds of Turkish children during the period of October 1913 ( first reported cannibalism ) to June 1922. The general Armenian population reportedly approved of this barbaric act. In fact, young Armenian children carried the ears of eaten children as trophies. Turkish children in the region of Van (Eastern Turkey ) suffered the most.

Henry Morgenthau said in private to American officials:

"The Armenians snap, or rather they eat, the hands that feed them."

Officials of foreign states who were reportedly aware of Armenian cannibalism:

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk; Otto Liman Von Sanders (German Field-Marshall); Baron Von Wagenheim (German Ambassador); Henry Morgenthau (American Ambassador); Sir Louis Mallet (British Ambassador); Edmund George Fitzmaurice (British Dragoman); others.

The Young Turk government was reportedly appalled by these atrocities of the Armenians, having learned of the cannibalism and the rape of Turkish women by Armenian freedom fighters. These atrocities occurred long before the Armenian claim of `Genocide`.

Holdwater: Unlike Armenian and Greek sites, which go out of their way to include anything that damns the Turks regardless of the facts, I would not have included such a sensational claim were there not a verifiable, specific source. Myself, I don`t give much credence to anything produced by the puppet Ottoman military courts, but since Armenians like Vahakn Dadrian swear by them, it`s only fair to include the findings of these courts, across the board. This information was provided by "Ismet the Historian," a Turkish source.

If Ambassador Henry "Holier-than-Thou" Morgenthau really was aware of this little hobby of the Armenians, assuming it`s true, that sure casts a whole new light on the chapter of his Frank Pallone (a congressional synonym to the rhyme word, "baloney") book where he held the Armenians up to such inscrutable light, to the effect of their being "cheerful in adversity, meek, selfless and sustained by their Christian faith." Is it possible Henry didn`t believe in all the lies his ghostwriter was instructed to fashion?


I`d imagine much of this cannibalism was not for reasons of a bizarre, cherished ritual, but out of necessity. Many of the Armenians who died did not do so from massacres or the forced relocating, but because of starvation and disease... particularly going back and forth across the Russian border, as the fortunes of war dictated. Some of these Armenians had to resort to cannibalism to survive.

ADDENDUM, 12-06:

Looks as though my suspicions were on the right track; the highlights for what follows are Holdwater`s. The Fitchburg Daily Sentinel, Aug. 18, 1916, "TERRIBLE TALES: Armenian Refugees Made Homeless by Germany`s Ally, Eating Their Children. Boston, Aug. 18. — A statement describing the hardships suffered by Armenian refugees in Northern Arabia was made public today by Rev. Dr. James L. Barton, chairman of the Armenian committee .for Armenian and Syrian relief. Dr. Barton said that the statement came from an eyewitness, not an American, and could be depended upon as unexaggerated. The eyewitness said that of 3500 deported Armenians at Meskene a part had found employment, but the rest were begging...

"`In Sepka a preacher from Aintab told me that parents have often killed their children. At the government investigation, it was shown that some people had eaten their children.`"


Reader Gokalp pointed to several verses from and wondered if God may have been getting back at the Armenians for sinfully stabbing their fellow Ottomans in the back?

You will eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters. (Leviticus 26:29)

Therefore in your midst fathers will eat their children, and children will eat their fathers. I will inflict punishment on you and will scatter all your survivors to the winds. (Ezekiel 5:10).